I started a series named “One of the things I hate about software development”, and it seemed only fair to balance it with things I love in this industry.

I love the diversity you can find in Software development.

In five years, I worked in the music industry, blood analysis, genetics and internal communications.

And I am not a professional musician, nor a doctor and not a specialist in intranets.

I am incredibly thankful for all those companies that…

I think here you had your best point. Super important to read what the company is about.

I have been on both sides of the interview table those past few years.

I would have had some red flags if they were asking the same technical questions to me.

Of course…

Welcome to my new series of things I hate in software development.

ASAP — As Soon As Possible

A conversation happening right now on the planet:

Random stakeholder: “I need feature X.”

Naive dev: “When do you need it?”

Random stakeholder: “ASAP.”

Naive dev: “But what about Y, Z?”


2020 was a weird year. 2021 is following its path.

But for software engineers, it is (almost) the same routine, only with comfier pants at home.

This article is my retrospective on my job hunt in 2021. You can use this as a guide for your potential job search.


Loïc Masson

I’m an enthusiastic web developer. Curiosity makes me go out of my comfort zone, away from web development. Tinkering with writing and game development.

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